Stormy Season

There’s a storm in my life. Literally. It’s storming outside. Well, more like raining really hard with thunder booming in the distance. But like seriously… There is a storm in my life. Not sure what it is. It’s like nothing can just go how I planned it. I had my life planned out. Well, not exactly. More like, my week planned out. But then life happened. And I got sick. Really sick. And I am still sick. And I have been for six days now. It is really annoying. To be honest, I am not sure what’s wrong with me. In the next couple days I have to get blood drawn, and since I have never had that happened to me before, I am totally scared. I have only had shots about twice in my life,  one when I was little, and the other a couple years ago when I was travelling and needed to get my tetanus and a couple others done. I fainted and was sick for a couple days. My sister actually fainted when she saw me faint, and she didn’t even have a shot.

Yeah, I know blood work isn’t a shot. But it’s still a needle, and I am scared of needles. I know that it will help in the long run by being able to tell me what’s wrong, but right now, I am trying to make myself better so that doesn’t happen. But knowing my mom, I know that that is no choice. Yes she cares for me and wants me to be better. After all, I’m sure she’s tired of going up and down the stairs, bringing me sprite, soup, crackers, or a cool washcloth to help my fever. So I am sure she just wants to know what’s up and quickly get me back on my feet again. I did have to call in sick at work for this whole week and last weekend. I feel really bad about that, but hey, what can you do?

So yeah. That’s my storm right now. And hopefully soon, there will be a rainbow in my sky. So keep your fingers crossed and your i’s undotted.



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